Welcome note

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are happy to announce the International Conference on Childhood Obesity – CIOI2011, that will take place, from 6th to 9th July 2011 in Oeiras - PORTUGAL.
The threat of childhood obesity is greater than ever. 45 million children are affected by obesity worldwide and its prevalence is continuously increasing at epidemic levels. Portugal is no exclusion of this scenario showing 14 %, of children between 6-8 years old with obesity, being one of the five European countries with higher prevalence of childhood overweight (above 30%).
Following the Portuguese strategy on counteracting childhood obesity we are now hosts of a union of efforts where together we will tackle this issue. The meeting will strengthen the existing collaboration of all participants developing large-scales childhood policies and programs in order to, urgently, stem the epidemic of childhood obesity.
We will have representatives from different areas, believing that this Conference will have a major impact not only for its scientific components but also for its intersectorial approach. Invited speakers from International Organizations and NGOs like IASO, ECOG and WHO and also National and Local Governments, from Health and Education, along with the private sector and other stakeholders.
The conference will have 5 major tracks covering the most relevant areas on this issue: Childhood obesity epidemiology, Social, psychological and behavioural overview, Health promotion in schools and community, Intersectorial action tackling childhood obesity and Childhood health in all policies.
We will provide a very interesting cultural and social programme in order to offer you a nice and complete experience in our lovely country. Lisbon is a beautiful place, an illuminated city near the sea and the constant presence of sunshine transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colours, where you can find high quality at an environmental, cultural, touristic and management level. Furthermore, Oeiras is located in the Metropolitan area of Lisbon, having innumerous beaches, 3km of sidewalk along the sea, and lots of green places to visit. In Oeiras you have a rich architectonic patrimony, where the modernism and the history live together. Our climate is warm in the twelve months of the year.
We are very honored to invite you to participate in the International Childhood Obesity Conference CIOI2011,