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Travelling to Lisbon

    By Air
Arrival point: Portela de Sacavém Airport (LIS), 7 km north of the city centre
Airport Contacts:
   Phone: (+351) 21 841 35 00

Taxis to/from the airport
   Phone: (+351) 21 799 64 60 (Autocoope)
   Phone: (+351) 21 811 90 00 (RádioTáxis)
   Phone: (+351) 21 811 11 00 (Teletáxis)
   There are always taxis on arrivals and departures halls. Every taxi has a taximeter. A ride from the airport to Oeiras costs about 40 euros, depending on the traffic. At the weekends, evenings and holiday it is applied an additional tax of 20%.
An additional surcharge of 1.50€ may also be applied for extra luggage.

Other options (bus + train)
   There is a special Bus service (Carris Bus Number 91; fare=1.30€) that takes passengers from the Airport to Lisbon’s center in 20 minutes. The Bus stops at Cais do Sodré train station.
   At Cais do Sodré train station you should catch the train to Oeiras (Cascais Line).
In Oeiras you have to take a taxi to Lagoas Park Hotel.
   Bus Company (Carris) Phone: (+351) 21 413 86 79/81/97
   Train Company (CP) Phone: (+351) 21 854 52 12

    By Train, from Madrid
Journey time: 9-10 hours (overnight with Lusitânia Comboio-Hotel)
Departure point: Chamartin train station in Madrid.
Arrival point: Sta. Apolónia train station in Lisbon.
   One way ride in 1st class - 78.10 €
   One way ride in 2nd class - 59.00 €
   Train company website:
   From Santa Apolónia train station you must go to Cais do Sodré train station by the tube (Metro blue then green lines) and then by train to Oeiras (Cascais Line) as described above.
   Tube Company (Metro) Phone: (+351) 21 350 01 15
    By Car
There are several rent a car companies at Lisbon Airport.
On the arrival hall you can find counters from:
   AA Castanheira/Budget
   Auro Rent
Cars can be booked in advance through
   From the airport to Oeiras, you may take the 2ª Circular and the A5 highway (in direction to Cascais).

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   Lisbon is one of the mildest European capitals, with a temperate Mediterranean climate strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream. Spring is cool to warm (8°C to 26°C) with sun and some showers. The summer is dry, warm with some wind and temperatures between 16°C to 35°C. Autumn is mild and unstable, with temperatures between 12°C and 27°C and winter is typically rainy and cool, also with some sun (temperatures between 3°C and 17°C). The lowest temperature recorded was -2.2°C and the highest was 43°C.
   In July, the average maximum temperature is of 27°C and the average minimum of 17°C. The average precipitation is 3 mm.
   Portuguese weather agency website:
   The local currency is the Euro (€).
   Banks in Portugal are open from Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 15:00 (banks at the airports are open from 08:00 to 20:00).
   Portugal has also an extensive network of cash dispensers which operate 24 hours a day.
   All non-EU citizens should check if it is necessary to obtain a visa, which can be obtained at the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in their own country.
   The following website gives a list of countries that require a visa to Portugal:
   In Oeiras, traditional shopping cohabits with the large trade areas, presenting several alternatives to all visitors.
Some historic centres of the county - Oeiras, Paço de Arcos, Carnaxide and the commercial downtown of Algés - provide very enjoyable shopping trips. They are ideal places for a day of shopping ranging from arts, crafts and natural products to the finest (perfume, hair salons) and technological articles.
There, can also be found a range of restaurants where one can taste the Portuguese cuisine or just relax for a coffee in one of several existing terraces, enjoying the traditional urban environment.
Several large commercial spaces located in Oeiras provide a different experience for shopping and leisure.

   Oeiras Parque Shopping Center
   Avenida António Bernardo Cabral de Macedo
   2770-219 Oeiras
Phone: (+351) 21 446 00 50/55

   Dolce Vita Shopping Center
   Avenida das Túlipas, Nº6, Miraflores
   1495-195 Algés
Phone: (+351) 21 413 93 80

   Central Park Galleries
   Avenida 25 de Abril de 1974, 4
   2795-195 Linda-a-Velha
Phone: (+351) 21 420 92 91

   Palmeiras Shopping Center
   Rua Quinta das Palmeiras, 91C
   2780-154 Oeiras
Phone: (+351) 21 457 52 16

   Alto da Barra Shopping Center
   Av. Das Descobertas, 59
   2780-053 Oeiras
Phone: (+351) 21 442 69 24

   Tropical Shopping Center
   Rua de Ceuta, 44
   2795 Linda-a-Velha
Phone: (+351) 21 419 16 19

   Avenida Shopping Center
   Av. Dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, 128
   1495 Algés
Phone: (+351) 21 410 87 26

   Solátia Shopping Center
   Av. Portugal e Av. 25 de Abril
   2790-129 Carnaxide
Phone: (+351) 21 417 66 50

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