Forum de Projectos de Prevenção da Obesidade
Lisboa, Portugal, June 3rd - 4th, 2011

Programme available here

Marketing to Children: Implications for Obesity
London, UK, June 7th, 2011

The Association for the Study of Obesity will be holding the above conference on Tuesday 7th June. The programme will cover sessions on the Influence of and Exposure to the marketing message, chaired by Dr Jason Halford and Science in Policy: Implications for marketing. For further details on the programme and how to register please visit:

SCOPE Summer School 2011:

SCOPE Summer School 2011 will be held at Downing College in Cambridge from 28-31 July 2011
This three day course takes place every year in Cambridge, UK and covers all aspects of obesity management that professionals dealing with obese and overweight patients are likely to encounter, and will provide a greater understanding of effective patient management and the role of professionals in tackling obesity. Taught by international experts, the course will involve lectures, discussions and debates, as well as networking opportunities to socialise with delegates coming from varied background such as dietitians, health-care commissioners, medical practitioners, nurses, psychologists...

STOCK Conference 2011:

The International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO) will be hosting the 9th Stock Conference in Budapest, Hungary from 10-13 November 2011
The aim of the Stock meetings is to bring together world leading experts to discuss a focused topic related to obesity. This year’s meeting will focus on the topic of Obesity: Lessons from Evolution and the Environment.