Abstract Submission
Abstracts must meet the following requirements:

Abstracts must be original work.

Abstracts should be sent in English.

Choose in which theme your abstract should be included

Theme 1: Childhood obesity epidemiology.
Trends, prevalence, definition, disease, dietary components, physical activity, treatment, risk factors.

Theme 2 - Social, psychological and behavioural overview.
Social disparities and inequalities, motivation, change on behaviour, psychodynamic view, lifestyle attitudes and behavioural components.

Theme 3 - Health promotion in schools and community.
School based intervention, nutritional and physical activity education and intervention, prevention at school, family intervention, community interventions.

Theme 4 - Intersectorial action tackling childhood obesity.
Advertising, industry, marketing, agriculture, health sector, local government.

Theme 5 - Childhood health in all policies.
Political framework, obesity platforms/networks, international/european/national level, WHO and EU.

Rules for abstract submission:


AUTHORS: Only first letters in capitals. Do not give academic degrees after names (e. g. J. Silva, A. S. Bastos, G. B. Smith, ...)

INSTITUTION: Give Hospital and/or University, city and country (e. g. Department of Surgery, Messerchmit Hospital, Joint Medical School, Messerchmit, USA). Do not give mailing address here.

TEXT: Maximum 400 words. Give a word count. The abstract must be structured under the headings: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
Give hard data, i. e. numerical information in the Methods and Results. Do not say "x will be presented, y will be discussed". Specific data necessary to evaluate the abstract should be included in the Results. Use metric units (e. g. kg, m, BMI, %EWL,...).

Indicate if the abstract is intended for Oral or Poster Presentation.

There will be an award for the two best Posters.

Presentations are preferred in MS PowerPoint and Videos in CD or DVD.

Accepted abstracts will be published in CIOI2011 Abstract book.

Rules for video submission:

Registration for the Conference will be mandatory for abstract acceptance.

Online submission of video description and authors is required by filling abstract form.

Videos must be no longer than 8 minutes.

Videos cannot contain any evidence of commercial support.

Procedure for abstract submission:

After confirmation of your pre-registration, you will be able to submit your abstract.

Submit your abstract here, by filling the abstract form.